On Tuesday 30 January 2024 the district court of The Hague will hear the case that was brought against the Dutch State by the Foundation Right to Protection from Aircraft Nuisance (in Dutch: Stichting Recht op Bescherming tegen Vliegtuighinder; or ‘RBV’) in July 2022. RBV represents the interests of people who experience nuisance caused by aircraft noise and demands that the State takes measures to protect the interests of local residents living in the vicinity of Schiphol.

Date: Monday 30 January2024 
Start: 09:30 o’clock (CET)
Court: District Court of The Hague
Address: Prins Clauslaan 60 in The Hague (2595 AJ)

The hearing is public. Additionally, the court will also open a live stream so that interested parties can follow the hearing remotely.  

The link to the live stream can be accessed >> HERE<<

RBV is represented in these proceedings by lawyers Channa Samkalden and Elles ten Vergert.

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