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Brechtje Vossenberg

Brechtje Vossenberg specializes in the representation of victims of crimes and human rights violations. Amongst other things, she represents many victims and surviving relatives in complex civil procedures against the State of the Netherlands and has a particular interest in humanitarian law cases. She is also specialized in representation of victims in criminal law cases, assisting victims of violent crimes, sex crimes, human trafficking and international crimes. Before coming to Prakken d'Oliveira, she worked at the Cambodia Tribunal in Phnom Penh (ECCC). Until mid-2016, she also worked as a criminal defense lawyer.


  • Human rights
  • International law
  • Criminal law
  • International criminal law

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Additional functions

Member of the Foundation LANGZS, a Dutch network of lawyers specialized in legal support for victims of violent crimes and sex crimes. Specialized in the representation of victims in criminal cases, including human trafficking-cases Brechtje is admitted to the List of Counsel at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers

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