At Prakken d'Oliveira, we do everything we can to provide you with the very highest possible level of service. Despite this, it can occasionally happen that a client is dissatisfied with a particular aspect of our service. In this document, we explain what you can do if such a situation does arise.

Internal complaints procedure

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the service you receive or with an invoice, we request that you begin by referring your complaint to your own lawyer. Working in consultation with you, we will attempt to find a solution as quickly as possible. We always provide clients with written confirmation of the solution.

Office contact person, complaints procedure: mr. Ph. J. Schüller

The Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession

If the consultation procedure does not, in your opinion, result in a satisfactory outcome, you can submit a complaint to the Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur), with which our firm is affiliated. You may only do this after you have first submitted an objection to us, or if we have failed to respond to your complaint in writing within four weeks of the date of the submission of the complaint.

Complaints may be brought to the Despite Resolution Committee up until 12 months after the date of the written response from our office.

The Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession:

  • makes decisions in the form of arbitral judgements on behalf of commercial clients, or in the form of binding advice in cases where arbitration is brought by private clients;
  • is authorised to pass judgement with respect to complaints concerning the quality of the service provided by the lawyer and the size of the invoice;
  • is also authorised to pass judgement with respect to damage claims, up to a maximum amount of 10,000 euros. Larger damage claims can only be submitted when the claimant explicitly limits the size of the claim to a maximum of 10,000 euros, and when the claim on the remainder is renounced in writing;
  • conducts cases in accordance with the Regulations of the Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession, which apply from the moment that a complaint is submitted to the Dispute Resolution Committee.

You cannot appeal against a judgement by the Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession.

As a law firm, we can also refer unpaid invoices for collection to the Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession.

The Dispute Resolution Committee was established on 1 June 1999, and falls under the Foundation of Dispute Resolution Committees for consumer affairs (SGC) and for the professions and business (SGB) in s’ Gravenhage, the Netherlands.

Contact details:
Secretary, Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession

Bordewijklaan 46 (2nd floor)
2591 XR The Hague
tel. 070 - 310 53 10
PO Box 90600
2509 LP The Hague

Disciplinary law

Finally, it is possible to file a disciplinary complaint with the Bar Association. We would like to refer you to the website of the Amsterdam Bar Association for further information.

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