Lawyer Marq Wijngaarden was recently a guest on Napleiten,  a Dutch podcast in which crime reporter Wouter Laumans and criminal defense lawyer Christian Flokstra talk with lawyers and public prosecutors about (criminal) cases that have always stuck with them.

The announcement of this episode (#93), 'The most famous asylum case in the Netherlands: Mauro', is as follows:

"Mauro Manuel was put on on the plane in Angola by himself at the age of 9, and ended up in the Netherlands via Portugal in 2003. Via his half-sister and a crisis foster family, he ended up with his foster parents in the Dutch province of Limburg. In 2007, Mauro ran out of legal remedies and his foster parents tried to adopt him. That failed. They therefore turned to asylum lawyer Marq Wijngaarden, who saw an opportunity for a residence permit. What followed, was a lawsuit and a gigantic political media circus, which ultimately led to a national Children's Pardon scheme."

The podcast can be heard here [only available in Dutch].


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