On 15 May 2024, the hearing took place before the District Court in the province of Gelderland in the expedited proceedings initiated by the Dutch foundation for the protection of fauna (Stichting Faunabescherming) about shooting at a young wolf with paintballs.

In the proceedings, Stichting Faunabescherming requests that a recently issued permit for shooting at the young wolf be suspended, pending a decision on an objection the foundation had filed against the permit with the province. In the province, the wolf is still not being protected from serious disturbance by photographers and other members of the public, who approach the wolf and give it food or leave trash that attracts wolves. Rather than shooting it, the province must focus on far more control and enforcement in order to protect the wolf, argues Stichting Faunabescherming. Shooting can lead to serious injuries to the young wolf in question, especially since it is not carried out by experts, according to the Stichting Faunabescherming and experts that have been engaged.

During the court hearing, the province agreed that the wolf would not be shot at with paintball guns until the judge has decided on the request filed by Stichting Faunabescherming.

The case is being handled by lawyer Bondine Kloostra.


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