A number of inhabitants of the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire and Greenpeace Nederland have started a court case against the State of the Netherlands, demanding climate justice for the island of Bonaire - which is a part of the Netherlands - and its inhabitants. The plaintiffs demand more protection against the current and future consequences of climate change for Bonaire (adaptation). Currently, Bonaire, which is a part of the Netherlands, receives very little protection compared to the European part of the Netherlands by the State while it is disproportionately impacted by grave and urgent threats as a result of climate change. The plaintiffs furthermore demand that the State must do more to take its 'fair share' in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (mitigation), as the current policies and the implementation of these policies by the State are insufficient to comply with the State's obligations under international climate law and human rights law.  The State must reach net zero emissions as soon as possible.

The plaintiffs are represented in this case by a team led by lawyers Emiel Jurjens (Prakken d'Oliveira) and Michael Bacon (Kennedy Van der Laan).

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