Today, lawyer Tamara Buruma was a guest on Napleiten, a Dutch podcast in which crime reporter Wouter Laumans and criminal defense lawyer Christian Flokstra talk with lawyers and public prosecutors about criminal cases that have always stuck with them.

The announcment of this episode (#65), 'Member of a terrorist organization or not?' is as follows:

"In 2013 three friends, Youssef, Iliass and Ismail from the Amsterdam-neighborhood Vogelbuurt suddenly leave for Syria. Their families are left behind, stunned.  No alarm bells had gone off anywhere indicating that the three were possibly radicalizing. Upon arrival in Syria, the young men joined battle group Aharar al-Sham. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office that is a terrorist organizatoin. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs however, labels the organization as 'moderate'. How is that possible?  Lawyer Tamara Buruma represented Iliass J. and talks about the case."

The podcast can be heard here [only available in Dutch].


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