On behalf of the foundation for wildlife protection -- in Dutch: De Faunabescherming -- a criminal complaint has been filed with the Public Prosecutor's Office for Financial, Economic and Environmental Offences (in Dutch: Functioneel Parket) for the deliberate disturbance and the killing of a strictly protected wolf. The facts as revealed in media reports indicate that several criminal offenses have been committed. In the opinion of De Faunabescherming, attacking and killing the wolf was not only disproportionate, but not warranted by the situation at hand whilst all protocols and rules that should have been observed were not followed.

De Faunabescherming is taking the matter very seriously and has asked the Public Prosecutor's Office to consider the complaint and investigate the circumstances of the case. The wolf is not an outlaw, the wolf is a native species that is strictly protected by law.

The case is being handled by lawyer Bondine Kloostra.

The press release issued by De Faunabescherming is available here (in Dutch):

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