The criminal case against a man suspected of sedition and uttering threats against Somalia's former Minister for Women's Affairs and Human Rights is tomorrow at the District Court of The Hague. The offences allegedly took place back in 2020, but the case is now before the court. The public prosecutor initially opted for a so-called 'prosecution settlement' but withdrew this decision following an objection by the victim, so the case will now be heard in an open hearing.

Prakken d'Oliveira represents the former minister in the case. The facts took place against the backdrop of a new 'sexual offences act' that, among other things, is supposed to protect young girls and women in Somalia better from sexual violence. The accused, who has lived in the Netherlands for many years, agitated against this law on social media and online forums, stating, among other things, that the law would propagate homosexuality which - the victim understands - is a sin in the eyes of the accused. He then issued a 'fatwa' (curse) on the victim and called on Somali members of the Al-Shabaab terror group to kill her. Among other things, he called for the killing of the "woman with the red lips", by which he meant client.

The offences had a major impact. Client had to flee Somalia as a result of the increased threat. The passage of the law, for which she was fighting at the time, has also been paused indefinitely. As a direct result, women in Somalia still lack legal protection against sexual violence and discrimination.

Client travelled to the Netherlands especially for this case and will also be present at tomorrow's hearing where, among other things, she will exercise her right to speak.

Client is represented in this case by lawyers Barbara van Straaten and Göran Sluiter.

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