Today, a writ of summons was issued to the State of the Netherlands in a case concerning aircraft noise around Schiphol. The lawsuit has been brought by the Foundation Right to Protection from Aircraft Nuisance (in Dutch: Stichting Recht op Bescherming tegen Vliegtuighinder; or "RBV"), which represents the interests of people who experience nuisance caused by aircraft noise. RBV is demanding that the State takes measures to protect the interests of local residents living in the vicinity of Schiphol.

For years now, the noise caused by air traffic has been causing serious nuisance for local residents, with resultant health problems. Approximately 1.5 million local residents are subjected to more aircraft noise than is considered acceptable from a health perspective by the World Health Organization ("WHO"). The State has never properly mapped out or considered these interests. Insofar as the State were to assert that the economic interests of the international hub-airport ought to prevail in this case, it is to be noted that those economic interests have not been substantiated. As such, the State is acting in contravention of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

RBV is represented by lawyers Channa Samkalden and Elles ten Vergert.

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