For years now, residents near Schiphol have been experiencing serious nuisance due to emissions and noise from air traffic, resulting in health problems. The Stichting Recht op Bescherming tegen Vliegtuighinder (RBV) (Foundation for the Right to Protection against Aircraft Nuisance) stands up for the interests of local residents. In a letter, RBV demands that the State of the Netherlands takes measures to limit aircraft noise and to safeguard the interests of local residents. The State has neither properly assessed nor weighed the interests of local residents, thereby acting i.a. in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. Health problems resulting from aircraft noise and emissions have long been underestimated by the State, whereas the economic importance of Schiphol has been overestimated. Furthermore, the way in which the Minister calculates the serious nuisance caused by aviation noise, does no justice to the actual nuisance experienced. The Minister has been given six weeks to confirm that measures will be taken, otherwise RBV will submit the case to the court.

The Dutch program Eénvandaag recentely reported on this case, click here for the report (in Dutch).

RBV is represented by Channa Samkalden and Elles ten Vergert.

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