On 28 September 2021, the documentary 'Gij zult niet doden' ('Thou Shalt Not Kill') premiers on the Dutch television channel NPO2.  The documentary revolves around lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld and the court case concerning the ending of the Moluccan Train Hijacking near De Punt (Drenthe, the Netherlands) on 11 June 1977.  For this, director Koert Davidse spent five years following Zegveld, who together with lawyer Brechtje Vossenberg represented the surviving relatives of Max Papilaja and Hansina Uktolseja, two of the hostage-takers who were shot dead, in their search for truth about and justice for what happened that day in 1977.

See a trailer for the documentary here; the documentary itself can (also) be seen fully on the NPO2-website.

GijZultNietDoden fiche

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