Trudy Scheele-Gertsen holds the Dutch State liable because her child was taken from her against her will. She gave birth to a baby boy in 1968 and was not married at the time. Despite being pressured by various parties to give her child up for adoption, Scheele-Gertsen wanted to raise her child herself. She communicated her wish to raise her child to various institutions involved. Nevertheless, the child was taken from her immediately after birth. She was only allowed to see her son once. After giving birth, Trudy Scheele-Gertsen was first suspended in the exercise of guardianship over her son and later her guardianship was terminated. The prerequisites for termination of guardianship were, however, not fulfilled. Now Trudy Scheele-Gertsen holds the Dutch State liable for the suffering caused by taking her son from her.

Trudy Scheele-Gertsen is represented in this case by Lisa-Marie Komp.

For more information about the case of Trudy Scheele-Gertsen (in Dutch), see:

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