As of today, Wil Eikelboom is the lawyer of The Voice Kids-contestant Jean, his mother and his sister. He is representing the family in their asylum-procedure.

Starting this week, Jean and his family have been the subject of much interest – not due to Jean’s vocal talents but in light of media reports about asserted facts of a private nature. This media coverage has lead to many reactions, particularly on social media. Those reactions are often negative and at times abusive. Since then moreover, Jean is being hounded by journalists requesting comments from him.

Jean is thirteen years old. He has only been in the Netherlands for short time but can already speak Dutch well. As such, he can follow the media coverage and the reactions posted in response well.

His family is awaiting a decision on their asylum-request. They are happy to answer questions concerning their past to the Dutch immigration authorities (IND), but they will no longer respond to media-requests. They are kindly asking everyone to respect their private life and to realize that Jean and his sister are children in an extremely vulnerable situation, which needs to be handled with care.

Finally, they are asking everyone not to believe all that is being said and written about them in the media. Jean hopes that he will be able to live in the Netherlands with his mother and sister for a very long time, and sing.

No further notifications will be posted about this case.

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