Channa Samkalden and Lisa Komp are representing Mr. Willem Korthals Altes in a dispute against the Dutch State. Korthals Altes is 68 and a judge by profession. Pursuant to the Act on the Legal Position of the Judiciary (in Dutch: Wet rechtspositie rechterlijke ambtenaren), Korthals Altes faces mandatory retirement upon reaching the age of 70. This is a violation of the prohibition on discrimination on the basis of age, as laid down in various European legislative instruments. Korthals Altes has therefore announced his intention to summons the Dutch State, more in particular the Minister of Security and Justice, to court if the Dutch law is not amended.

  • Click here for an article about the case in the Dutch newspaper NRC (in Dutch).
  • Click here for a television interview in the Dutch program Eén Vandaag (in Dutch).
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