In an interlocutory verdict, the District Court of The Hague held that the claims filed against the Dutch State on behalf of the surviging relatives of Max Papilaja and Hansina Uktolseja are not time-barred. This in part because in previous years, the State misled the surviving relatives about the circumstances under which the South Moluccan youth were killed. The court has als ordered further investigation into the facts: according to the court the current case file contains insufficient information to determine whether Max Papilaja and Hansina Uktolseja were killed in a lawful or unlawful manner. As such, the court will call marines who were involved in the operation to end the 1977-train hijacking to testify.

The surviving relatives are represented by lawyers Liesbeth Zegveld and Brechtje Vossenberg.

The interlocutory verdict is available here (in Dutch).

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Re: the wish of the State of the Netherlands that, by way of exception, it is allowed to file an appeal against its interlocutory verdict of 1 February 2017, see (in Dutch):

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