In 2014, lawyer Göran Sluiter filed a criminal complaint against a Dutch man for the sexual abuse of two young children in Cambodia.

After filing the complaint, Göran Sluiter and his colleague Nynke Bakkenes endeavored to ensure that the complaint would result in a criminal case in the Netherlands. All legal instruments for the prosecution of sex offences committed by Dutch nationals abroad are in place, and it is time that those instruments are used as such. The alternative would be that Dutch nationals abroad are able to abuse very young children with impunity.

The clients are pleased that the suspect has now been arrested, but of course they would have liked to have seen that this had happened sooner. They emphatically appeal to the Public Prosecutor to bring the case to court in the Netherlands swiftly.

In the interest of the investigation and the privacy of their clients, lawyers Sluiter and Bakkenes will make no further statements about the case.

Update, 18 August 2016 (only available in Dutch)

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