This afternoon, the judge in interlocutory (summary) proceedings of the administrative law division of the district court of Amsterdam decided that the manifestation organized by The Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (in Dutch: Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging, or 'FNV') that is set to take place next Sunday - Labor Day - in the Oosterpark, can go through.

This was determined within the context of summary proceedings that were initiated against the mayor of Amsterdam by the Foundation for the Reparation of Oosterpark (in Dutch: Stichting Herstel Oosterpark). Its request was that the decision by the mayor with regard to the manifestation be suspended, or that it would be otherwise decided that the 1st of May celebrations in the Oosterpark would not be allowed to take place. FNV was represented in this case by lawyers Marq Wijngaarden and (during the court hearing) Brechtje Vossenberg.

Read the oral arguments presented by FNV here (in Dutch).

See also, an item about these summary proceedings by local television channel AT5 here (in Dutch)

Update: 4 May 2016

  • Decision by the judge in interlocutory proceedings of 28 April 2016 (written out 3 May 2016)
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