Today, on behalf of the National Moroccan Council of the Netherlands (in Dutch: Landelijk Beraad Marokkanen), Platform Stop Racism (in Dutch: Platform Stop Racisme), The Netherlands Shows its Colors (in Dutch: Nederland Bekent Kleur) and several individuals, a supplementary criminal complaint was filed against Dutch politician Geert Wilders for group defamation (Article 137c of the Dutch Penal Code), incitement to hatred and incitement to discrimination (Article 137d of the Dutch Penal Code). In the supplementary filing, special attention is paid to the fact that Geert Wilders makes a habit of these criminal offences. The consequences of his statements on 19 March 2014 are also discussed.

Read the supplementary criminal complaint here (only available in Dutch).

You can contact Mr. Mohammed Rabbae of the National Moroccan Council for background information on the criminal complaint. For legal questions, you can contact Göran Sluiter and Tamara Buruma, lawyers with Prakken d'Oliveira.

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