On 11 November 2014, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed some of the charges against Mr. Bemba, Mr. Kilolo, Mr. Mangenda, Mr. Babala and Mr. Arido. They were accused by the ICC Prosecutor to have committed ‘offences against the administration of justice’ in the main case against Mr. Bemba (art. 70 ICC Statute).

Göran Sluiter is representing Mr. Arido. He considers the Decision a step in the right direction: ‘The Pre-Trial Chamber rejected the charges against my client related to falsification of documents and the charge of co-perpetration, namely that Mr. Arido allegedly participated in a common plan to defend Mr. Bemba in the main case by resorting to the commission of offences against the administration of justice. The Pre-Trial Chamber also referred to the alleged involvement of Mr. Arido as ‘more limited’. Yet, we are disappointed the charges of having corruptly influenced four witnesses are confirmed. There is insufficient evidence to support this.’

Subject to appeals being submitted against the Pre-Trial Chamber’s Decision and the outcome of these proceedings, the case against Mr. Arido will be committed to trial.

The Pre-Trial Chamber’s Decision can be found here.

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