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As of 1 January 2014, the name of Böhler Advocaten is: Prakken d'Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers.

Just like before, our firm focuses on human rights. Prakken d'Oliveira is an internationally and nationally respected law firm that explores the boundaries of the law, and has redefined them over the course of time. The 17 lawyers at our firm, specialized in (international) criminal law, immigration law and liability for human rights violations, will remain committed to the fundamental rights of all.

Prakken d'Oliveira has had various names over the past 30 years. We have now chosen to use the names of two renowned lawyers who have helped to make our firm great in the past

Ties Prakken and Ulli Jessurun d'Oliveira play a determining role in the history of the firm. For years, they have formed not only the memory, but also the conscience of the firm. Aside from this, they represent the bond between our firm and the academic world. Like other lawyers at our firm, Prakken and d'Oliveira have earned their spurs in the university community, both in the Netherlands and abroad. True to their tradition, we will continue to distinguish ourselves by championing the fundamental interests of our clients both inside and outside the courts.

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