The Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has reacted to the accusations of interference in the administration of justice at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal made against, among others, him by the Nuon Chea defence team. In a first reaction to those accusations, the Prime Minister told Cambodia Herald-journalists that he has the right to condemn leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime and that he is not exercising influence on the tribunal.

Michiel Pestman: 'There’s no tradition of an independent judiciary in this country, you just do what the prime minister says, so if the prime minister expresses his opinion about my client’s guilt, then what’s the point of the trial.'

At a press conference that was called yesterday by the Press and Quick Reaction Unit in response to the accusations by the Nuon Chea defence team, reporters were told that foreigners working at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal were responsible for 'embroiling the court in chaos that was akin to incitement'.

Hun Sen himself is currently considering his legal options.



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