Five Dutch Tamils, suspected of being members of the LTTE, were acquitted today from charges of membership of a terrorist organization and criminal incitement. The international criminal charges filed by the public prosecutor’s office were declared inadmissible because the five defendants—two of whom are represented by attorneys Victor Koppe, Tamara Buruma and Göran Sluiter—were not charged with individual involvement in these international crimes. The Tamils were convicted for forming a criminal organization aimed at coercion, the organization of illegal lotteries and money-laundering. Additionally, they were convicted for collecting money for the LTTE and for the continuation of a banned organization, namely the LTTE. According to the defense, the latter contradicts the previous determination that the LTTE is not a terrorist organization.

Read the press release here.


The District Court of The Hague has indicated that it will provide an English translation of the judgment in due course. When it becomes available, it will be posted on our website.

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