War law

International tribunals
The Netherlands hosts various international tribunals. Litigating before these tribunals is a separate specialization. The tribunals each have their own rules on evidence and procedure. Defendants are tried under international criminal law, a highly specialized field of law that requires a great deal of experience and specialized knowledge. As one of the few law firms in the Netherlands, our attorneys have experience in litigating before the international tribunals and they regularly represent defendants and victims in these cases.

Armed conflict
In addition to the international tribunals, international crimes are increasingly prosecuted before domestic courts. In the Netherlands, these international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide are brought before the court in The Hague. Our law firm has a unique experience in litigating these cases, both on the side of the defendant as well as the victims. 

Extradition and WOTS
Our law firm has a long track record in the representation of persons whose extradition is sought by other States. Each extradition case will be subject to a different legal framework (depending on the applicable treaty). Furthermore, an extradition procedure will often have a 'criminal law' and 'civil law' component. Firstly, a criminal court will have to decide whether the extradition is legally permissible. Secondly, the Minister of Justice will have to decide whether the extradition should be allowed. Our attorneys have wide experience in these procedures. Moreover, our firm has an extensive international network of befriended firms with whom we cooperate in these cases. 

Moreover our firm is also specialized in procedures regarding the cross-border execution of sentences. Our firm assists both Dutch nationals wanting to return to the Netherlands, as well as foreigners who are detained in the Netherlands and who want to return home. 

Extradition and WETS
Within the European Union, extradition cases and WOTS-procedures have been replaced by simplified procedures in the form of the European Arrest Warrant and WETS-procedures. Our firm is also specialized in these procedures. 

European criminal law
Criminal investigations increasingly take place at a European level. European investigative authorities have acquired extensive powers to conduct international investigations. Similarly, European organisations such as OLAF and Europol are performing independent investigations, for example into fraud and money-laundering cases, which can again form the basis of a (national) prosecution. Our firm is one of the few Dutch law firms specialized in the field of European criminal law. We advise both companies as well as natural persons who are subjected to such investigations. Staging an active defence strategy at the start of these investigations can prevent much harm in the course of the procedure. Our international network of befriended law firms can help us when dealing with this new form of international cooperation by law enforcement. This also ensures adequate legal protection throughout the various jurisdictions. 

Finally, our firm is specialised in challenging international notices from Interpol and Europol. States often abuse the possibility provided by Interpol to list individuals as criminals in order to obtain information on citizens that do not agree with them. Our firm can assist in verifying whether an international listing was made and, if this is the case, challenge this listing. 

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