Complaint against National Coordinator Anti-Terrorism and Security

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Last Friday, the defence team of Laura H filed a complaint against the Dutch National Coordinator Anti-Terrorism and Security (NCTV) at the Dutch Ministry of Justice. The complaint addresses the role of the NCTV regarding the Family Support Point Radicalisation, which is supports family members of (potentially) radicalising youth and emigrants who have left for IS territories. The defence holds that the NCTV coordinates the Family Support Point, and that in doing so it has acted improperly and negligently. The Family Support Point has violated its own guidelines by advising the family on Laura's planned return. According to the defence, the life of Laura – and that of her children – was seriously endangered as a result of this advice. Furthermore, the Family Support Point has leaked confidential information from Laura and her family to the NCTV, which is again a violation of its own guidelines.

The court hearings in the criminal case against Laura H. were completed on 13 October, following the plea of the defence. The role played by NCTV and the Family Support Point in the evidence against Laura H leas the defence to request the Court to declare inadmissibility of the Public Prosecutor.

Laura H. trial lawyer in the criminal case is Michiel Pestman. The complaint procedure against the NCTV is handled by Frederieke Dölle.

For further reporting on this subject (in the NRC, in Dutch), see here.

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